20 Tonnes sculpture

20 Tonnes sculpture, public art, Singapore, Han Sai Por

Public Art: 20 Tonnes sculpture

Sculptor: © Han Sai Por

Description: The 20 Tonnes sculpture consists of a row of six ridged monolithic blocks with a smaller block at either end, all chiseled from a single granite rock.

Date Unveiled: 2002

Location: Outside the National Museum of Singapore, Stamford Road, Singapore.


Han Sai Por

20 Tonnes
3.2m L x 1.5m W x 2m H

Things you may not know: Han Sai Por was born into a poor family on the 19th July, 1943, in Singapore during the Japanese occupation. During this time Han, her parents and 5 siblings lived in a house made from cardboard and coconuts in Chiangi.

20 Tonnes sculpture, Singapore, Public Art, Han Sai Por

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