Albert Dunstan Statue

Albert Dunstan Statue, Melbourne, Australia

Public Art : Albert Dunstan Statue

Sculptor : © Peter Corlett

Date : Unknown

Description : A life size bronze of Albert Dunstan, wearing a bowler hat and a long coat. He has his arms behind his back and a slight grin on his face.

History of the Albert Dunstan Statue : Former Premier, Jeff kennett, was responsible for the series of four Victorian Premier statues outside 1 Treasury Place. The statues being of John Cain Jr, Rupert Hamer, Henry Bolte and Albert Dunstan who were all post-World War II era former Victorian Premiers and had all served more than 3,000 days in office. Whilst in office Jeff Kennett chose the magical number of 3,000 (for no obvious reason) to be reached before any Victorian Premier would be rewarded with a bronze statue in his or her likeness. Unfortunately for Jeff and his predicessor, Steve Bracks, both failed by a whisker to be immortalised in bronze, maybe he should have picked a lower number.

History of Albert Dunstan : Sir Albert Arthur Dunstan (1882-1950) was the 33rd Premier of Victoria, from 2 April 1935 to 14 September 1943 and again from 18 September 1943 to 2 October 1945.

Albert Dunstan statue, Melbourne, AustraliaAlbert Dunstan statue, Melbourne, AustraliaAlbert Dunstan statue, Melbourne, Australia


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