Alexander Hamilton statue

Alexander Hamilton statue, Boston, public art

Public Art : Alexander Hamilton statue

Sculptor : ©William Rimmer (20th February,1816 – 20th August,1879)

Description : A granite sculpture of American Founding Father, soldier, economist, political philosopher, Alexander Hamilton (c1757 – July 12th, 1804). You may be wondering why the sculptor chose to have Hamilton draped in cloth like a Roman Emperor? Well, he thought it a clever way to show the simularities between Hamilton's style of America's emerging democracy with that of the democratic style of governments in ancient Rome and Greece. Hamilton being instrumental in helping establishing a democratic Government of the United States just as the ancient Greeks and Romans had.

Date Unveiled : 1865

Location : The Alexander Hamilton statue is located on Commonwealth Avenue, between Arlington and Berkeley Streets, Boston.

Trivia : William Rimmer gave up a promising career as a physician to follow his artistic dreams, which would explain why he didn't use a model or sketches for his sculptures. Instead he chiseled away at the clay using only his vast knowledge of the human body.Impressive.

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