American Legion Freedom Bell

American Legion Freedom Bell, public art, Washington DC

Public Art : American Legion Freedom Bell

Also Known As: Liberty Bell, American Legion

Architect: Jack Patrick



The Freedom Bell

Dedicated to
The Spirit of the Bicentennial on Behalf of
The Children of Our Nation
Given By
The American Legion
American Legion Auxiliary

Date Unveiled: The bell was cast in 1975 but was dedicated in 1981.

Foundry :  Royal Bellfoundry Petit und Fritsen. The foundry, which was established in 1660, is the third oldest family owned business in the Netherlands.

Location: The American Legion Freedom Bell is located outside Union Station in Washington DC, USA.

Background of the American Legion Freedom Bell : The completed bell was shipped to Baltimore from The Netherlands and then traveled to all 48 contiguous states aboard the American Freedom Train for the Bicentennial, which started on April 1st, 1975 in Wilmington and ended December 31st, 1976 in Miami. For trivia buffs, during the journey the bell shared train car No. 41 (later renumbered 40) with a map of the American Freedom Train's journey and a lunar rover.

Following its epic journey the bell was placed in a National Park storage facility until , following lengthy discussions, it was decided to be placed outside Union Station in Washington DC.

The american Legion were peeved at the decision as they were hoping for it to be placed in the National Mall in Washington DC.

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