Amicus Certus

Amicus Certus sculpture, public art, AMP building

Public Art : Amicus Certus sculpture

Sculptor : © Tom Bass (6th June, 1916 - 26th February, 2010)

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Amicus Certus sculpture, Tom Bass, public art, Sydney

Description: The copper sculpture was named in honour of the Australian Mutual Provident Society's ( AMP) motto "amicus certus in re incerta" which means "a sure friend in an uncertain event". In the 1960s, when AMP moved to their new building in Circular Quay, they decided to redesign their emblem, which had originally included the  ‘Goddess of Plenty’ (holding a palm of victory in one hand and a cornucopia in the other) with a man and a mother (and child) on either side of her.  Tom Bass was commissioned to redesign the emblem to give it a move modern look and feel. Instead of the maternal looking ‘Goddess of Plenty’ he chose to give her a more sensual look with a more modern hair-do. The new design features an angular barefooted Goddess looking down to a farmer on her right, who has an abundance of produce (wheat , fruit and vegetables) at his feet, while her left hand rests on the head of the mother image, whose son is leaning on his mother's lap.

Date unveiled : 1960 - 1962

Location: You will have to look up to find the Amicus Certus sculpture as it's located on the side of the AMP building on Alfred Street, near Circular Quat Sydney, Australia.


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