Andrew Drummond Memorial

Andrew Drummond Memorial, Carnarvon, Western Australia

Public Art : Andrew Drummond Memorial

Sculptor : Unknown

Date : 1991

Description :The memorial to Private Andrew Drummond consists of a bronze plaque on a rock and a bronze relief of Private Drummond.

Location : Outside the Civil Centre, Carnarvon, Western Australia.

Inscription :

Andrew Drummond

2-5-42     30-5-69
And all those who served
in Vietnam
Lest we forget

Background to the Andrew Drummond Memorial  : Private Andrew Drummond was the only soldier from Carnarvon to have been killed in the Vietnam War (1959-1975). He was raised in Carnarvon and worked as a farmhand on several outback stations and Mullewa, before joining the army in 1967.  Drummond died from gunshots after being accidently shot by a fellow soldier on the 30th May, 1969. At the time Drummond was a forward scout in his 5RAR platoon, operating in Phuoc Tuy . One of his fellow soldiers, who was behind Drummond, is believed to have slipped , discharging two rounds from his M16 assault rifle.  Both rounds hit Drummond in the throat. Drummond was extremely popular and the battalion took his death extremely hard, one mate described him as "bulletproof" and his death as "gut wrenching". His mates believed if anyone was going to get them home in one piece, it would be Private Andrew Drummond. Lest We Forget


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