Anne McKay Memorial

Anne McKay Memorial, Manjimup, Western Australia, public art

Public Art: Anne McKay Memorial

Designed by: Unknown

Description: The memorial includes a brass plaque and a small framed black and white photograph of Anne McKay attached to a large stone.

Date unveiled: Unknown

Location: The Anne McKay memorial is located in Coronation Park, in front of the Manjimup Visitor's Centre, Giblett Street, Manjimup, Western Australia, 6258.


Anne McKay
(1890 - 1984)

A lady of many talents who gave generously of her time and energy developing our community.

So who was Anne McKay?

Anne McKay was the first woman to be elected on the Manjimup Road Board from 17th of April, 1948  to 29th April, 1949 and the first woman to be elected to local government in Western Australia.

Coronation Park History: Coronation Park was established in 1953. The gardens are named after Anne McKay, who was prominent in civic affairs of Manjimup and particularly with her role on the Hospital Board. Also in the park is the Manjimup War Memorial which commemorates the men and women who gave their lives in World War I and II and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

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