Aotea Kiwi Statue

Aotea Kiwi Statue, Auckland, Public Art

Public Art : Aotea Kiwi statue

Sculptor : © Robin Coleman

Description : I have no idea what the enormous kiwi is made from.

Location : The Aotea Kiwi statue hangs Outside the Aotea New Zealand Souvenir Store, Auckland, New Zealand.

Sign :

Aotea Kiwi
Apteryx Australis

Nocturnal in habit the male can be identical in its shrill ki-wi while the female has a remarkably hoarse cry.
The female lays one or two large eggs which are then incubated by the male in 75-80 days, measuring 125mm x 78 mm Weight 430 grms.

Aotea Kiwi Statue, Auckland, public art

Aotea Kiwi Statue, Auckland, public art



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