Athena statue

Kephisodtos Copy

Public Art : Athena statue

Sculptor : A copy statue of the 340BC statue of Athena by either Kephisodotos or Euphranor.

Date : Unknown

Description : This is a copy of the 4th century bronze statue of the helmeted Greek goddess Athena. The original 340BC bronze statue is 2.35m high and depicts Athena wearing a Doric peplos (traditional Greek garment) . If you look closely there are two owls adorning her Corinthian helmet. Owls are a Athenian mascot. The statue, at some stage, included a spear which she held in her right hand and a libation bowl (wine jug) in her left hand. The Athena copy is standing on a black granite plinth. This Athena copy was given to Sydney as a gift to commemorate the hosting the Olympic Games.

Location : Barrack Street, Sydney, Australia

Inscription :

Offered by
The Mayor of Athens
Dimitris L. Avramopoylos
to the Lord Mayor
Frank Sartor
and the City of Sydney
September 2000.

Athena Statue Trivia

In 1959, during road construction works in Piraeus, the Greek bronze statue of Athena, sculpted by  Kephisodotos  around 340-330BC, was unearthed. Statues of Apollo of Peiraeus and Artemis were also found at the time. The Athena statue now resides at the Archaeological Museum, Piraeus, Greece.

In Greek mythology Athena was the goddess of wisdom, courage, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

Athena is also the virgin patroness of Athens.

Athens was named in her honour.

Goddess Minerva is the Roman equivilent to Athena.

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