Atlanta From The Ashes


Atlanta From The Ashes, Atlanta, Georgia

Public Art: Atlanta From The Ashes (aka The Phoenix)

Sculptor: © Jim Seigler

Casting: Gamba Quirino

Date: 1969

Description: A bronze statue of a woman holding a Phoenix above her head, which symbolises Atlanta’s comeback and rebirth after the Civil War.

Commissioned By: The Rich Foundation

Location : Woodruff Park, Atlanta, Georgia.

History: Nobody who has seen the movie "Gone With the Wind" will forget the scenes of Atlanta burning to the ground. The Atlanta From The Ashes sculpture has really encapsulated and built on that theme. The piece was originally created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Rich's department store in 1967 (located at Spring Street and Martin Luther Kind Boulevard). However, when Jim Segler was commissioned to create the sculpture, he used the theme of the Phoenix Rising to symbolize not only the success of the department store but the successful rebirth of a city which had literally burnt to the ground, over a century and half prior. When the Rich's Department store was taken over by Macy's, the sculpture took on a whole different form, becoming an iconic symbol of the city. 
In 1995, the sculpture was refurbished and moved to Woodruff Park for the 1996 Centennial Olympics, where it has become a popular symbol of Atlanta's rise from out of the ashes to become today, one of the major metropolitan cities in the United States..


This Sculpture , Symbolizing
Was Presented To
The City of Atlanta
The Rich Foundation
January 1969


"Atlanta From The Ashes", originally commissioned to
celebrate the centennial of Rich's Department Store,
was restored and relocated from the Spring Street
viaduct to Woodruff Park as part of park improvements
in October 1995.
Original Designer Jim Seigler
Foundry Gamba Quirino
Restoration Bradberry Studios
This work was made possible through the generous
contributions of:
The City of Atlanta
The Georgia Department of Community Affairs

CODA 1996
The Corporation of Olympic Development in Atlanta

Atlanta From The Ashes, statue, Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta From The Ashes, statue, Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta From The Ashes, statue, Atlanta, Georgia


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