Bank of China Stone Lions

Bank of China, stone lions, public art, Hong Kong

Public Art : Bank of China Stone Lions

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Location:The Stone Lions are guarding the Des Voeux Road entrance of the  Bank of China Building, Central, Hong Kong.

Vandalism: In January, 1997 a man suddenly appeared at lunch time in Statue Square armed with two buckets of red paint. On lookers watched as the man swung one of the buckets at his intended target, the  statue of Sir Thomas Jackson. Fortunately, the man was small in stature so he only managed to dowse the feet of Sir Jackson with a splash of red. The vandal then proceeded across the road to Des Voeux Road entrance of the  Bank of China Building with his  buckets  and proceeded to throw the other one over one of the stone lions leaving it red faced.

This was not the first time these two stone lions have been victims of attacks.  On the 29th September, 1989, both lions were doused with red paint . This being a regular date for protests against National Day celebrations after the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Then the next year, on the 1st of October , 1990, (Chinese National Day) someone poured black paint over one of the lions.

References: South China Morning Post, Article; Mystery man hurls red paint at statues, by BILLY WONG WAI-YU, published : Sunday, 05 January, 1997

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