Beheading of St John the Baptist

Public Art : Beheading of St John the Baptist

Sculptor : © Vincenzo Danti (1530–1576)

Description: This bronze group was created by Renaissance sculptor Danti between 1569-71 and depicts the beheading of St John the Baptist with St John kneeling in the middle (hands clasped in prayer) waiting for the sword of the executioner on the right to fall. Salome is on the left with hand sligtly raised as though in readiness of what is to come.

Unveiled : 1571

Location : The group was originally above the bronze door of the south entrance of the Battistero di San Giovanni (Florence Baptistery) but currently resides (following restoration in 2008) in the Opera del Duomo Museum , Florence, Italy.

Trivia : Despite the competition for the Neptune Fountain (1560) being fought between two well known  sculptors, Bartolomeo Ammanati and Cellini, Danti decided to try his luck and place his design.

Danti is commonly known as Michelangelo's apprentice despite the fact they never worked together.

Not everything Danti did was a success. He once attempted and failed three times in the creation of the group of large bronze statues of Hercules and Antaeus.

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