Benjamin Franklin Statue

Benjamin Franklin statue, New York, Dedication, public art

Public Art : Benjamin Franklin Statue

Sculptor: © Ernst Plassman (1823-1877)

Ben Franklin statue, Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper, Ernst PlassmanDescription: The bronze statue of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) an American scientist, inventor, journalist, statesman, philosopher and journalist. If you look very closely he is carrying a Monday copy of the Pennsylvania Gazette newspaper in his hand.

Date Unveiled: The Benjamin Franklin statue dedicated on January 17th, 1872, the 166th anniversary of Franklin’s birth. The statue was unveiled by artist and inventor Samuel F. Morse (1791–1872) and newspaper publisher Horace Greeley (1811–1872) delivered the keynote address.

Funded By: The Franklin statue was a gift to the City by Albert De Groot (1813–1884), a retired Hudson Valley steamboat captain.

Location: The Benjamin Franklin statue can be found at Printing House Square at the intersection of Park Row and Brooklyn Bridge approach, New York.

Quote :  Charles C. Savage, speaking on behalf of the New York Typographical Society during dedication “It is appropriate that this statue should be erected in this centre of our trade, in the very midst of our craft-work, instead of in Central Park; for Franklin’s life was devoted to practical hard work, rather than to the ornamental and the recreative.” 

1872 dedication of Benjamin Franklin statue, New York City

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