Big Kiwi Sculpture

Big Kiwi sculpture, Te Poi Pub, public art

Public Art: Big Kiwi sculpture

Sculptor: © Gordon Rose

Description: A Big concrete sculpture of New Zealand's national symbol, the flightless kiwi bird.

Date Unveiled: c1995

Location:The Big Kiwi sculpture is curently being propped up by a fence outside the Big Cow Te Poi Country Pub, in Matamata, New Zealand, but be warned, you may get a few cheers and raising of beer glasses when you are seen snapping a shot of their impressive collection of "big" sculptures.

Background to the Big Sculptures at Te Poi Pub: If you happen to pass the Te Poi Country Pub near Matamata in New Zealand you can't but help notice that there are a series of big concrete sculptures scattered outside, including an enormous "Big Cow" burger,a "big" fesian cow and calf and a kiwi. The sculptures were the brainchild of Gordon Rose of Wellington.

Mr Rose built the 6 metre high Big Cow in 1994, which included eyes that glowed in the dark and a pair of speakers. The Big Cow became an overnight success and inspired Mr Rose to add a concrete calf the following year. The calf enabled tourists to sit on the sculpture and take photos, which they continue to do today. The establishment soon took on the name "The Big Cow" pub.

Additional "big" concrete sculptures appeared over the years including 2 big cream cans, three big moas (inside) and a big golf ball.

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