Biggles Statue

Biggles Statue, The Rocks, Sydney, Australia

Public Art : Biggles Statue

Sculptor : © Anne Dybka

Date : Unveiled on the 16th March 1995.

Description : Bronze sculpture of a Miniature Schnauzer named Biggles.

Location : Biggles statue is located at the corner of Atherden and Playfair Streets in The Rocks (right outside Biggle's owners house), Sydney, Australia.

Inscription :

17/3/80 - 25/4/1994
A Loved friend of The rocks
A community project assisted by the Sydney Cove Authority The Rocks Chamber of Commerce and Residents.
Unveiled by the Hon Robert Webster MLC Minister for Housing and Planning on 16th March 1995. The day before Biggles birthday.

Biggles Statue, The Rocks, Sydney, AustraliaFor Those Who Were Wondering : Biggles was a mini legend around The Rocks area during the 1980's and 1990's. His owner, Trevor Kelly, would place him on the back of his motorcycle (in a milk crate) and scoot around the streets of Sydney, much to the delight of the residents. Biggles was quite the entertainer and his dare devil antics made him quite a celebrity. His claim to fame was in leaping from balconies in pursuit of a cat or two. Unfortunately for the old pooch, he met with an unfortunate end, last seen leaping off a cliff near Mrs Macquarie's Chair in 1994. It was rumoured he was chasing a rat ! Biggles was fourteen at the time, which would make him 98 in dog years. A devastated community rallied around to organise a statue in honour of the adventurous mutt. The statue was commissioned by the Sydney Cove Authority and The Rocks Chamber of Commerce and supported of course by local residents. The artist chosen for the project, Anne Dybka, was also a local resident.


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