Bird Totem Sculpture

 Bird Totem sculpture, Sydney, public art

Public Art : Bird Totem sculpture

Sculptor: © Adrian Mauriks

Sculptor's Website:

Description: The 6m high bronze sculpture features two upright structures on which a horizontal shape, resembling the wing of a bird, sits.

Commissioned by: AMP Society for the World Trade Centre and National Bank Building Plaza.

Cost: $150,000

Date Unveiled: The Bird Totem sculpture was unveiled on the 22nd of December, 1988.

Location: The Bird Totem is located outside the AMP building on the corner George Street and Jamieson Street, Sydney, Australia.

Artist's Statement : "Because the associated buildings were sophisticated 20th-centuary designs I wanted to balance that with the raw primitive qualities of the totemic form, which can stir something in the human unconscious,"

"The piece is not just big for the sake of being big. The scale of the surrounding buildings and plaza is very large. I didn't want to battle the architecture of the place and at the same time I didn't want it to be so small that the form was no longer effective."

Things You May Not Know About Bird Totem : When the Bird Totem was erected in 1988 it was said to be the largest bronze sculpture in Australia.

References : The Sydney Morning Herald, December 23rd, 1988,  John Stapleton.

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