Charging Bull sculpture Wall Street

Charging Bull sculpture, Wall Street Bull, public art 

Public Art: Charging Bull sculpture

Also Known as : Wall Street Bull, Bowling Green Bull

Sculptor: © Arturo Di Modica

Description:The iconic bronze Wall Street Bull weighs 7,100lb (3,200kg) is 11ft (3.4m) tall and is 16 ft (4.9m) long. The symbol of Wall Street depicts an angry bull about to charge. He's down on his haunches, nostrils flared,  and leaning to one side.

Date Unveiled: Technically the sculpture was never officially unveiled in fact it was placed in the city illegally. On December 15, 1989, following the 1987 stock market crash , Di Modica trucked his sculpture to Lower Manhattan and installed it beneath a 60-foot Christmas tree in the middle of Broad Street in front of the New York Stock Exchange as a Christmas gift to the people of New York. He claimed it to be an act of "guerrilla art". It didn't take long for NYPD to seize the bull and place it into an impound lot. Thanks to a public outcry the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation later install it two blocks south of the Exchange.

Cost: $360,000

Location: The Charging Bull can be found in Bowling Green Park near Wall Street facing up Broadway in Manhattan, New York City, USA.

Trivia: The Charging Bull is one of an edition of five made by Di Modica.

Locals say you've got to rub the nose, horns and testicles of the bull for good luck

The sculptor, who owns the copyright to the bull, put it up for sale but no word on any takers. 

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