Continuum sculpture

Continuum sculpture, Charles O. Perry, public art, Washington DC,

Public Art : Continuum sculpture

Sculptor: © Charles O. Perry (18th October, 1929 – 8th February, 2011)


Artist's Statement : The sculpture "began as an exploration of the Möbius strip, a product of pure mathematics formed by joining two ends of a strip of paper after giving one end a 180 degree twist, thus creating only one edge. The center of the bronze sculpture symbolizes a black hole, while the edge shows the flow of matter through the center from positive to negative space and back again in a continuum."

Date Unveiled: 1976

Location: The Continuum sculpture is located outside the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, USA.

Trivia: Another similar sculpture by Charles O. Perry can be found in Perth, Western Australia entitled Conic Fugue (Enigma) .

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