Cultural Rubble sculpture

Cultural Rubble sculpture, Christine O'Loughlin, public art, Melbourne

Public Art: Cultural Rubble sculpture

Sculptor: © Christine O’Loughlin

Description: Cultural rubble consists of 4 panels which reference works from the collection of sculptural casts at the Louve Museum in Paris. If you look closely you will find Venus de Milo, Corinthian columns, the Discus Thrower and even the Winged Victory of Samothrace bursting out of the facade.

Date unveiled: Cultural Rubble was originally unveiled in 1993 on the old Ian Potter Art Gallery facade. It was later re-installed on the new Ian Potter Art Gallery at Melbourne University in 1998.

Location: Cultural Rubble can be found on the facade of the Ian Potter Museum of Art, on Swanston Street, Carlton, Australia.

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