Decembrist Memorial

Decembrist Memorial, Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky, public art

Public Art : Decembrist Memorial

Sculptor: © Unknown

Description: The Decembrist memorial features 8 bas reliefs of

Date Unveiled: 1959

Location: The Decembrist Memorial can be found at the Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky station (on the Trans Siberian line), Russia.

Background to the Decembrist Uprising: The Decembrist revolt took place in the Senate Square in Saint Petersburg on 26th December, 1825, in protest against Nicholas I's assumption of the throne . The revolt was lead by a group of liberal military officials who felt threatened by the new ruler's conservative views.

When Tsar Alexander I died on the 1st  December, 1825, it was thought that Constantine, Nicholas' older brother, would inherit the throne.  Unfortunately, he had married a Polish woman with no royal blood and therefore had to relinquish his claim.  Enter Nicholas I, the less popular brother.

The military rebels were not happy with a Russian monachy and wanted a  free Russian state, with a federal government and constitution, instead of government under the tsar. Of course Nicholas I opposed this.

On December 14, 1825 several officers and about  3,000 military men gathered in Senate Square, outside the Winter Palace, in St. Petersburg, refusing  to swear allegiance to the new tsar, Nicholas I, and proclaiming instead their loyalty to Constantine and the Constitution. Nicholas, reluctant to open fire on the rebels and create a bloodbath, decided to initiate peace talks. After several hours negotiations broke down and orders were given to open fire on the men.

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