Deepwater Jetty

Deepwater Jetty, Albany, Western Australia

Public Art : Deepwater Jetty (OK, technically not public art but it does have a plaque!)

Architect : Unknown

Description : The last remaining structure left of the Deepwater Jetty

Location : The last remnants of Deepwater Jetty can be found along Princess Royal Drive, Albany, Western Australia

Inscription :

The Deepwater Jetty

In June 1884 Mr A Horden representing Western
Australian Land Company was awarded a contract by
the Western Australian Colonial Government to Build
the jetty and a railway connecting Albany to Perth.

Construction of the jetty began on the 29th March 1888
and it was opened on the 15th December 1888.

The jetty was 549m long and 6.71m wide for the first
335.5m and 12.81m wide for the remaining 213.5m.

The railway began on the jetty and allowed ships
to discharge cargos and passengers directly onto the
steam train for Perth. It was an important harbour facility
when Albany was Western Australia's principal
international port.

In 1915 a 306.22m arm was added to the west side.
In 1972 the original arm and head was demolished.
The west arm was demolished in 1993.


Deepwater Jetty ruins, Albany, Western Australia

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