Dobell Memorial Sculpture

Dobell Memorial sculpture, Sydney, public art, Herbert Flugelman

Pubic Art : Dobell Memorial Sculpture

Also Known As : Pyramid Tower

Also known As : The Silver Shish Kebab

Sculptor: © Herbert Flugelman

Description: The Dobell Memorial sculpture is a 19.5m high stack of highly polished stainless steel shaped pyramids balancing atop each other. The highly reflective surfaces are intended to capture both the people and the surrounds.

Date: 1978

Location: Originally the Dobell sculpture was located next to the Martin Place fountain but was later moved to the intersection of Spring Street and Pitt Street, Sydney, Australia.

Controversy Alert : In 1976 a sculpture was proposed for 1 Martin Place in Sydney's CBD, commissioned by the Dobell foundation, however the winning Flugelman entry was not entirely embraced by the kind folks of Sydney, which resulted in a delay in its installation. The Pyramid Tower was eventually and reluctantly installed 3 years later in 1979. In 1996, following strong criticism by Sydney's Lord Mayor Frank Sartor and equally  negative responses from the public, the sculpture was removed from 1 Martin Place and the public's eye. It was later re-erected in a less prominent but more suited location, amongst the towering modern glass, concrete and steel buildings of Spring and Pitt Street.

Silver Shich Kebab Trivia: If you look very closely at the lower part of the sculpture you can still see the marks made by skateboarders who used it as a stunt ramp when located in 1 Martin Place.

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