Drop Sculpture

Drop sculpture, Antioch, California, public art

Public Art : Drop sculpture

Sculptor: © Barbara Grygutis

Sculptor's Website: www.barbaragrygutis.com

Description: The semi-transparent Drop sculpture stands 35 feet tall and 12 feet wide and serves as a welcoming beacon to visitors of Prewett Family Park. It exudes the grace and splendor of a single drop of water with its smooth curves and cerulean glow. By day the perforated, aluminum structure allows the sun and shadows to dance around its surface and by night LED lighting gives it an illuminous blue glow. The piece sits on a terrestrial bed of billowing grass and concrete waves which emulates the rippling effect of a droplet hitting water. The engineering is unique as the entire structure is supported by a central pole.

Artist's Statement: “Drop  is conceptualized to articulate water in its most explicit, substantial shape of manifestation. A single water drop, the spring and channel of all life.” and  “creates a visual strategy that encourages citizens to think of their relationship to water conservation in a multi-layered way.”  

Date Unveiled: 2010

Engineered by : M3 Engineering & Technology Corporation of Tucson, Arizona.

Fabricated by : Industrial Stainless International of Chaparral, New Mexico.

Location: The Drop sculpture is located in Prewett Family Park in Antioch, California.

Acknowledgements: A special thank you to Barbara Grygutis, Spike Mafford and Adrienne Lake for providing information and images for this page.

Drop sculpture, Barbara Grygutis, public art, Antioch

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