Echoes From The North Sculpture

Echoes From The North Sculpture, Brisbane, Australia

Public Art : Echoes From The North Sculpture

Sculptor : © Augustine Dall'Ava

Date : 2005

Echoes From The North Sculpture, Brisbane, AustraliaDescription : Robert Nelson, from The Age, described Augustine Dall'Ava's work as "often floating at the extremity of architectonic elements". Personally, when I first stumbled across the sculpture, I thought it looked like something out of a children's toy tool box (brightly colored spanners etc) and oddly out of place on such a busy street. But everytime I passed it, a strange thing happened, I began to like it. A bold, brightly coloured sculpture is just what the rather drab street needed, reminding passerbys of the beautiful colours and hues of the northern land. The three mild steel/stainess steel sculptures, of varying sizes, feature unusual shapes (a cube and a flame), balancing, sometimes precariously, from atop their colorful columns. The colors are symbolic of the landscape and environment of Queensland; the metallic reds, blues and yellows reflect the irridescent colors of the tropical fish of the Great Barrier Reef, the green the rainforests, the white the beautiful beaches, blue the water and yellow the sun. As night falls and long shadows are cast on the city, the sculpture take on a more interesting form. I just can't understand why the sculpture was placed next to a hideous light pole, a rubbish bin and a  street sign, killing the ambience. Oh, and I still don't know why the cube has little holes in it, all I keep thinking of is, tea sprainer.

Location : On the footpath outside Queens Plaza, Edward Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Inscription :

Augustine Dall'Ava
"Echoes from the North", 2004-5 is an optimistic group of sculptures
that can be seen over time and space yet leave room for mystery and
personal interpretation. The form and the highly reflective metallic
colours are visual signifiers associated with Brisbane and the natural
environment of the State of Queensland.

Augustine Dall'Ava, 2005
Commissioned by Gandel Retail Management 2004

History of the Echoes From The North sculpture : The Echoes From the North sculpture was originally commissioned by the Gandel Retail Management in 2004, but since then, the artwork has been gifted to the City of Brisbane, and now is part of the city’s cultural heritage.

A little observation : Don't you think the Echoes From the North sculpture, looks a little like the Trickle, Flow and Fall sculpture in Midland, Western Australia ?

Trickle Flow and Fall sculpture, Midland, Australia  Echoes From The North sculpture, Brisbane, Australia

       Trickle Flow and Fall         Echoes From The North


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