Edge of The Trees sculpture

Edge of the Trees sculpture, public art, Sydney

Public Art : Edge of The Trees sculpture

Sculptors : © Janet Laurence & Fiona Foley

Description: A series of 29 massive pillars made from sandstone, wood and steel standingly proudly in cluster (like a forest).

Date Unveiled: 1995

Location: The Edge of The Trees can be found outside the Museum of Sydney, Corner Phillip and Bridge Streets, Sydney, Australia.


... the discoverers struggling through the surf were met on the beaches by other people looking at them from the edges of trees. Thus the same landscape percieved by the newcomers as alien, hostile or having no coherent form, was to the indigenous people their home, a familiar place, the inspriation of dreams.

Rhys Jones, 1985

Edge Of The Trees: A Sculptural installation by Janet Laurence & Fiona Foley

Edge of The Trees is about contact. It acknowledges the indigenous place and people of Sydney, home of the Eora, and the many layers of occupation since 1788. Materials - stone, wood, steel - represent interface of natural and built environment. Substances - shell, hair, ochre, ash, bone - represent human presence and passing. Names - of Eora men and women, First Fleeters, plants and Koori callings of place represnt shared and separate custom, memory and knowledge. A place to enter, explore, contest anew; perhaps reconciliation?

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