Family of Dolphins sculpture

Family of Dolphins sculpture, Leonard Streckfus, public art, Baltimore

Public Art: Family of Dolphins sculpture

Sculptor: © Leonard Streckfus

Family of Dolphins pool, Baltimore, Leonard Streckfus, public artDescription: The sculpture features a pod of scrap metal dolphins frolicking in a large pool. If you look closely you will notice that the  5 dolphins are made from everyday objects including bicycle parts, a watering can, shovels and a sled.  The smallest dolphin is made from a golf bag and a helmet. When the feature was originally unveiled the pool included a wave making machine creating the effect of the dolphins diving through the ocean. This feature no longer works and has yet to be restored. Water

Date Unveiled: 1991

Location: The Family of Dolphins fountain is located outside the Marine Pavillion , National Aquarium, 501 E. Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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