Field Marshal Alanbrooke statue

Field Marshall Alanbrooke statue, public art, London

Public Art : Field Marshal Alanbrooke statue

Sculptor: © Ivor Roberts-Jones, RA (November 2, 1913 – December 9, 1996)

Description: A life size bronze statue of Field Marshal Alan Francis Brooke, 1st Viscount Alanbrooke, KG, GCB, OM, GCVO, DSO & Bar (23 July 1883 – 17 June 1963) the  Chief of the Imperial General Staff during the Second World War.

Cast by : Meridian London

Date Unveiled: 1993

Location: The Allan Brooke statue is located outside the Ministry of Defence, Whitehall, London, England.


Field Marshal The Viscount Alanbrooke

Chief of the Imperial General Staff, KF, GCB, OM, GOVO, DSO

Master of Strategy

Master Gunner, St James's Park, 1946 - 1956

Ivor Roberts-Jones, CBE, RA
Cast by Meridian London

So who was Field Marshal Alanbrooke?

Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke was Chief of the Imperial General Staff  for most of the Second World War and was Prime Minister Winston Churchill's go to man. In fact it was the portly Prime Minister who went to him in his dressing gown and slipper to beg to Alanbrooke to take the post because neither he nor the country could manage without him. Despite this, Churchill failed to give him the public credit he was due . However, it didn't all go unnoticed, the Americans recognised Alanbrooke's brilliant defensive and attacking tactics believing he did more than any man in uniform to defeat the Germans thanks to his master of strategy.

Things You May Not Know About Field Marshal Alanbrooke's statue:

Ironically, the sculptor Ivor Roberts-Jones was commissioned to do both Sir Winston Churchill and Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke's statue.... the two could not stand each other. 

Acknowledgements: A special thank you to Robyn from Head Set Hairdressers for kindly providing the photograph.

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