Floral Horse sculpture

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Public Art : Floral Horse sculpture

Artist: © Unknown

Description: The Floral Horse (I am assuming) was one of the fiberglass horses of the "Horses Across Hong Kong" event. 

Date Unveiled: If this is "The Floral Horse" mentioned in the original event it unveiled in 2002 and displayed in Victoria Park

Location: The Floral horse can be found half hidden in bushes on Queens Road East 387 outside the Cosmopolitan Hotel 3T Bar HK Jockey Club , Central, Hong Kong.

What was Horses Around Hong Kong? Horses Around Hong Kong was an event originally designed to  promote and highlight the Hong Kong International Races which were held on the 15th of December, 2002, at Sha Tin. The idea for the horse sculptures came from the Hong Kong Jockey Club who invited a group of local artists from the Hong Kong Visual Arts Society to each design a horse statue. The artists first created sketches in different artistic styles and then drew the designs on life-sized fibreglass horse statues, vividly capturing the beauty of equestrian movement. The event featured 16 of the uniquely painted horses. Each horse was displayed at various locations around Hong Kong. Very simular to the world famous Cow Parade.

In 2008 the Hong Kong Jockey Club held another Horses Around Hong Kong event to highlight Hong Kong's co-hosting of the Beijing Olympic equestrian events.  This time the Horses Around Hong Kong featured 18 life-sized fibreglass horse statues incorporating elements of art, sports and the community, which were placed in various locations around Hong Kong.

Jockey Club Chairman Mr John Chan said during the unveiling ceremony "These statues will be displayed in public in all the districts as landmarks to commemorate Hong Kong's role as an Olympic co-host city, enabling all citizens and visitors from around the world to share our joy in staging the Olympic equestrian events."

Danny Lee, Chairman of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Society, and some of the original artists responsible for the statue designs also attended the ceremony.

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