Forever Blooming Bauhinia sculpture

Forever Blooming Bauhinia sculpture, Hong Kong , public art

Public Art : Forever Blooming Bauhinia sculpture

Also Known As : The Golden Bauhinia sculpture

Sculptor: © Unknown

Description: An enormous golden flowering Bauhinia (orchid) on a granite base. One of the most photographed sculptures in Hong Kong ... other than Bruce Lee.

Date Unveiled: July 1st, 1997 by

Location: The Golden Bauhinia is located at Golden Bauhinia Square (Expo Promenade) on Wan Chai waterfront, Hong Kong. You can't miss it, just look for a crowd and numerous stalls offering to take a photo of you next to it.

Information Plaque:

The Forever Blooming Bauhinia sculpture

To mark the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), this sculpture entitled Forever Blooming Bauhinia was presented as a gift to HKSAR by the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

The Vice Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PRC, Qian Qichen, and Chief Executive of HKSAR, Tung Chee Hwa co officiated at the ceremony for the unveiling and presentation of the sculpture on the morning of 1 July, 1997.

The golden sculpture is in the shape of a bauhinia, the regional flag and emblem of the HKSAR also bear the design of this flower. The sculpture stands on a red granite pedestal, which is cylindrical in the upper part and takes the shape of a pyramid in the lower part, representing Chinese territory. The rendering of the Great Wall on the pedestal symbolizes the greatness of our motherland. The "Forever Blooming Bauhinia" is meant to augur a forever thriving future for Hong Kong.

The bronze sculpture together with the pedestal is 6 metres in height. The sculpture itself is coated with gold and plated with gold foil. The pedestal is made of red Sichuan granite and the characters carved on it are gilded.

Things You May Not Know About The Golden Bauhinia: The forever blooming Bauhinia sculpture was a gift from the people of the People's Republic of China to mark the widespread joy of the Chinese at the return of the territory to the Motherland by the British after more than 100 years.

Every morning there is a flag raising ceremony with the Chinese anthem blasting from a vehicle next to the sculpture.

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