Fountain of Neptune

Neptune Fountain, Madrid, Spain, public art

Public Art : Fountain of Neptune (Fuente de Neptuno)

Sculptor : © Juan Pascual de Mena (1707-1784).

Designed by : Ventura Rodriguez (July 14, 1717 – September 26, 1785)

Description : The white marble sculpture depicts the sea-god Neptune in a conch-shell chariot pulled by sea-horses and surrounded by dolphins and seals. In one hand Neptune holds his trusty trident and in the other a coiled snake.

Style: Neoclassical

Date Unveiled: 1784

Location : The Fountain of Neptune can be found in the Plaza de Canovas del Castillo, Madrid, Spain.

Background to the Neptune Fountain: The fountain was commissioned by Charles III as a project to beautify the avenue in the Paseo del Prado so the wealthier classes could mingle in splendor. The original plan was for two fountains to be built, one of Neptune and one of Cibeles but in the end a third was added, that of Apollo. The project was started by architect José de Hermosilla but following his death in 1775, Ventura Rodriguez took over the project. The commission for the Neptune fountain was given to sculptor Juan Pascual de la Mena

Fountain of Neptune, Madrid, Spain, public art

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