Frantisek Palacky monument 

Frantisek Palacky monument, Prague, Czech Republic

Public Art : Frantisek Palacky monument

Sculptor: © Stanislav Sucharda (1866-1916)

Description: The bronze and granite sculpture is a tribute to Czech historian and politician Frantisek Palacky (June 14th, 1798- June 14th, 1876) who was considered one of the three "Fathers of the Nation". The monument features a seated granite carved Frantisek Palacky with stoic expression whilst the bronze allegories feature dramatic expressions as they wage war (between heaven and hell) on either side. The left side symbolizes the oppression of the nation while the right, national awakening.

Date Unveiled: The monument was designed and constructed between 1898-1902 and unveiled on the 1st July, 1912.

Cost: 525,000 crowns

Location: The Frantisek Palacky monument is located at The Square of palacky, Hilavani mesto, Prague, Czech Republic 

In 1939, during the German occupation, the memorial was ordered to be disassembled and destroyed. Fortunately a group of brave Czechs hid the peices in a remote area where the vegetaion hid it from view. In 1947 it was restored and reassembled (minus a few pieces) and the following year it was erected once again. 

During the installation the crane arm snapped and a large piece of the sculpture fell onto the wagon smashing it to bits.  No one was injured.

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