From Life to Life Sculpture

Public Art : From Life to Life Sculpture

Sculptor : © Fredrick White

Description :. The sculpture is representative of a water droplet.

Date Unveiled : 25th November, 2007.

Cost : $85,000

Funded by : Private benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Location : You can't miss it if you are traveling over the Bridgetown Bridge, Bridgetown, Western Australia.

Inscription :

From Life to Life
From life to Life utilizes the language
of plumbing as a metaphor for life revealed
through its physical connection to the ground
referencing water as the primal element of our
bodies, travelling through life our arrival and
departure are not known just as the implied flow
of water through the pipe structure is not visible.
From Life to Life acknowledges the earth as the
source of our existence and must be protected
if we are to believe in a sustainable future
for all living beings.
Fredrick White 2007




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