Gateway Sculpture

Gateway sculpture, public art, Auckland

Public Art : Gateway sculpture

Sculptor : © Chris Booth

Description : The 18m Gateway sculpture is a large archway made up of basalt boulders which were gifted by the Ngati Kupa people of Matauri Bay Northland.

Unveiled : The Gateway sculpture was presented to the City of Auckland on 21 April 1990.

Location : The Gateway sculpture can be found at the Victoria Street East entrance to Albert Park, Auckland, New Zealand.

Funded By : AMP Society

History of the Gateway Sculpture: Sculptor Chris Booth was commissioned in 1987 by  the Auckland Art Gallery to create the Gateway sculpture. The enormous structure was built in Booth's KeriKeri studio between 1987-89. The basalt boulders were kindly donated by the Ngati Kupa people. The elders removed the tapu (sacred restrictions) from the stones before gifting them to the people of Auckland.

Artist's Statement : "Albert Park, to me, is a symbol of rural and urban meeting and these two columns rising up and meeting with bands of arched steel would make, I felt, a symbolic gate and also accentuate the landscape. I chose the volcanic stone for the base part of the sculpture because it sits on an old volcanic cone which is Albert Park. And it has a link with the sea. The fact that they are sea-tumbled basalt boulders and of course Auckland is very much a part of the sea."


 Gateway sculpture, public art, Auckland


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