George Leake Fountain

Public Art : George Leake Fountain

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Date Unveiled: The George Leake Fountain was unveiled by HRH May Princess of Wales, on the  23rd of July, 1901.

Location: The George Leake Fountain is located near the Cenotaph on Frazer Avenue, Kings Park, Western Australia.


This fountain
was erected by the State
as a tribute to
George LEAKE
Premier of the State from the
27th May to the 21st November 1901
and from the 23rd December 1901
to the time of his death on the 24th June 1902

It was during his Premiership that the
May Drive was opened to the public by
HRH May Princess of Wales
on the 23rd July 1901

On the second anniversary of his death
this memorial fountain was dedicated
to the use of the people of Western Australia by
Admiral Sir Frederick GD Bedford GCB
Governor of the State


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