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Welcome to Public Art Around The World. I started my career in film and television a long, long time ago and spent many years filming around the world. In my travels I spent a lot of time taking photos of weird statues and sculptures. My fascination continued when I switched from traditional media to new media. So, what better way to feed my obsession than to build a website about it. For years I had collected info and tidbits about public art (mostly the quirky and weird stuff) but I discovered a lot of people didn't know much about statues and sculptures (let alone care). The problem, I believe, is there simply isn't enough juicy bits to get them excited about it. So, I have endeavoured to hunt, pull and drag as much scandal, gossip, weird facts as I can (without offending or getting sued) on every little piece of public art I can. I have also set up a blog so YOU too can contribute to the good, bad and the ugly of public art around the world. Click here Public Art Around The World Blog.

But wait there is more... This is just one website in a series of GlobeVista websites. We are only a small team, three infact, with experience in both media and IT. Our company GlobeVista was established in 2000, and since then we have spent an awful lot of time building websites. The GlobeVista team includes myself, Aidan Montague and Simon Akkerman.

Tanya Izzard

GlobeVista Team

About GlobeVista

GlobeVista is an online media company specialising in "New Media" applications, including the capture and deliver of online images, video, content and research over the internet.  GlobeVista also develops both traditional and new media strategies and also helps businesses to promote their products and services online (including web 2.0 applications).

So, Who Are We Really ?

Tanya Izzard

Tanya has over 17 years experience in the film and television industry. She has produced and directed projects in over 25 countries specializing in commercials and corporate documentaries. Some of her projects include; filming the construction of the HMS Endeavor replica and producing and editing small feature movies for the project; starring in, filming, directing and producing a children's series, Over the Hills and Far Away with Simon and Karel Akkerman ; producing a series of documentaries from around the globe called World Video Atlas.

She was later involved in marketing and promotions winning the 1998 and 1999 Western Australian Network Video Marketing Awards.

In 2000 Tanya co-founded GlobeVista and produced the documentary GlobeVista Italy. Which can be seen in parts on Italian Vista.

Tanya has also developed the GlobeVista World in Digital web based platform for the supply of still and moving images to the corporate, private and education markets. World in Digital is the primary interface for much of GlobeVista's digital content.

She later went on to develop the GlobeVista my place in the world project which was formerly launched in June 2005. The project provides an innovative learning experience for school children and presents a fresh snapshot of the world through the eyes of young people.

Tanya is also a stills photographer and has captured many thousands of digital images worldwide. She has combined these images, with extensive research, to create a series of websites which have become a key component of the GlobeVista's internet and web 2.0 sites. You can check them out at .

Aidan Montague

Aidan Montague Aidan is a Chartered Professional Engineer whose career has largely focused in the area of information technology, communications and online marketing. In 1991, Aidan was co-founder of Cisco Systems Australia being relocated 5 years later to Cisco UK as Manager, Internet Business Unit. He later became Cisco’s General Manager in South Africa, responsible for all Cisco’s operations in Sub Saharan Africa before returning to Australia as Cisco’s General Manager, Telco line of business. He was then promoted to Director – Strategic Alliances for Cisco in the Asia Pacific Region, based in Singapore, a position he held until his resignation in 2000.

Aidan also has extensive experience in both traditional direct marketing and also online marketing. He previously established and ran Australia's first online direct marketing company, Australian Golf Direct which specialized in the sale of products to the golfing market. In conjunction, he founded which focused on the sale of golf improvement products and online coaching. He also owned and operated Australia's first independent golf tour- the Australian Players Tour (APT) which ran 14 professional golf tournaments during the mid to late nineties.

He has been invited onto the board of a number of public companies and was previously Chairman of eBooks Corporation, a world leading supplier of eBooks.

Aidan's major focus is now GlobeVista. GlobeVista is a digital content provider with specific expertise in the convergence of traditional media and new media.The GlobeVista vision is to become a leader in the sale of digital content and online products to a worldwide market.

Simon Akkerman

Simon's film and television career as a cinematographer has spanned 36 years. During this time as Director of Photography, he has shot 6 feature films, 6 TV series, more than 20 TV documentaries, over 100 industrial and corporate videos and over 2000 TV commercials.

As 2nd Unit Director of Photography he has worked on no less than 15 features and series. All major news programs have used his services. His most recent work, GlobeVista Italy is a musical visual journey through Italy. Designed for interactive TV, shot on Pro 50 Digital, Simon directed as well as shot the entire production.

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