Gran Elefandret sculpture

Gran Elefandret sculpture, Union Square, public art, Miquel Barcelo

Public Art: Gran Elefandret sculpture

Sculptor: © Miquel Barcelo

Temporary : The elephant will be on public display from 13th of September, 2011 until 29th of May, 2012 as part of the Arts in the Parks program.

Description: A 5 ton, 26ft high elephant balancing on its trunk...ta-da! Spanish artist worked with engineers to create this physics defying elephant. So don't worry the mammal won't be falling down anytime soon. Balancing on its trunk with four legs in the air, wrinkly skin sagging and its ears flopping down it's not surprising that Gran Elefandret is attracting so much attention.

Date Unveiled: Sadly the trunk balancing elephant will only be seen frolicking in Union Square from September 13th, 2011 until May 29th, 2012

Location: Union Square east and 14th Street, Manhattan, New York.

Artist Statement : " I always say it's a self portrait, because it's like an artist in difficult times- we're always balancing on our trunks."

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