Grape Stomper Sculpture

Grape Stomper Sculpture, Manjimup

Public Art : Grape Stomper Sculpture

Sculptors : © Year 9 students at Kearnan College, forestry workers and members of local community.

Date : Unknown

Location: Rose Street near the Coles Supermarket carpark, Manjimup, Western Australia.

Description : A crudely carved sculpture of a man stomping grapes in a wooden barrel, wearing a white hat.

Grape Stomper, Manjimup

Inscription :

The Grape Stomper

This sculpture was conceived
and designed by year 9 students
at Kearnan College to represent
one of the newest industries in
the area, the wineries.
It was carved by the students,
foresty workers and members
of the local community. This is
part of the Cead Cultural Trail.


Background To Manjimup's Wine Industry: Today Manjimup is known for its cherries, truffles and wine. In the 1970s Manjimup began developing its wine industry but the real boom began   in the 1980s when  Manjimup was identified as the best grape growing region in Western Australia due to its warm, dry summers and wet, cool winters and well drained soils.Yanmah Ridge Vineyard was the first commercial vineyard established in Manjimup. Interestingly, most vineyards in Manjimup are located at an elevation of about 300 m above sea level.

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