Gratuitous Digital Thingy

Gratuitious Digital Thingy, public art, London

Public Art: Gratuitous Digital Thingy

Designers/artists :  Typeone and TBWA

Designer Website:


Description: The Gratuitous Digital Thingy was a Christmas 2013 collaboration between Typeone and TBWA. The interactive installation mimics pedestrians as they walk along the street.

Date Unveiled: December 2013

Location: The "digitlal thingy" is located at 80 Whitfeild Street, in central London, England.

How Does the Gratuitous Digital Thingy Work? :

The digital public art was created by using a tracking computer on the second floor which had a super wide angle infrared camera installed to track low frequency light bouncing off people as they passed. The information was then sent to more computers in the reception and basement to control the vision and sound. Ta-da.

Most of the hardware came from parts lying around the TBWA offices and the Typeone Lab, including CCTV equipment, conference room projectors and unloved computers.

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