HMAS Sydney Memorial Masthead

HMAS Sydney Memorial Masthead, Bradleys Head, Sydney

Public Art : HMAS Sydney Memorial Masthead



Date Unveiled: The Mast was removed from Sydney (I) when she was decommissioned in 1928 and erected at Bradley's Head in 1934.

Location: The masthead is located on the headland on Bradleys Head on the north shore side of Sydney Harbour, Sydney, Australia.

Things You May Not Know :

HMAS Sydney was a Chatham class light cruiser of the Royal Australian Navy built in 1911.

In June 2007, it was announced that all Australian and foreign naval vessels that enter Sydney Harbour will be required to give ceremonial honours to the HMAS Sydney Memorial Mast. This means that the men and women who are on the upperdecks at the time are required to stand to attention while a special naval whistle is sounded (Boatswain's call). This ceremonial represents a mark of respect and recognition to the Australian officers, sailors and ships lost at sea and in combat. 

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