HMS Sirius Gun

HMS Sirius Gun, Sydney

Public Art : HMS Sirius Gun

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Description: The SBML (Smooth Bore Muzzle Loading) 6 Pounder cast iron gun was one of 10 cannons that the HMS Sirius was carrying when it arrived in Australia in 1788. Soon after the arrival this cannon was removed from the ship and later used as a signal gun at South Head around 1810. The crown marking on the gun is that of King George III

Date Unveiled: The HMS Sirius Gun was place in Macquarie Square on Australia Day, 1907.

Location: The HMS Sirius Gun and anchor are located in the oldest planned town square and urban park in Australia, Macquarie Place, Bridge Street, Sydney.


This gun is believed to have formed part of the armament of the HMS Sirius, the flagship of the First Fleet, which entered Port Jackson in 1788. The gun was returned to Sydney after the HMS Sirius was wrecked at Norfolk Island in 1790 and used as a signal gun at South Head. This gun was placed here in 1907.

HMS Sirius Trivia:

The HMS Sirius was shipwrecked east of Kingston Pier in Slaughter Bay, Norfolk Island on the 19th March, 1790.

When HMS Sirius entered Port Jackson for the sirst time in 1788, Sir Arthur Phillips was the Fleet Captain on Sirius, John Hunter was Second In Command and Philip Gidley King was Second Lieutenant. All three would become governor's of the colony of New South Wales at some stage.

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