Hans Christian Andersen statue

Hans Christian Andersen statue, Observatory Hill Park, Sydney

Public Art : Hans Christian Andersen statue

Sculptor : © Herman Wilhelm Bissen (13 October 1798 – 10 March 1868)

Description : A bronze bust replica of famous Danish fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen

Date Unveiled : The bust was unveiled on the 7th March, 2005 by Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark.

Location : Observatory Hill Park, The Rocks, Sydney.

Cold Case : In 2004 there was a massive search for a missing bronze bust of Hans Christian Andersen as the 200th anniversary of the famed author's birthday drew near. The 2m (6ft) bronze bust by Danish sculptor Wendy Sonning was presented to the children of Sydney in 1965 to mark the 150th anniversary of Andersen's birthday. It was originally placed in Phillip Park but 10 years later was moved to Wynyard Park. From there it's where abouts gets a little shady. No one is quite sure if it was misplaced or stolen. The Royal Danish Consul General in Sydney, Jorgen Mollegard Kristensen, even offered a holiday to Denmark for anyone who could find the statue in time for the 200th year celebration but alas not even that tempting offer could unearth a clue to its whereabouts. To this day it still remains an unsolved mystery.

Inscription :

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)

This bust was unveiled on the 7th of March 2005
by HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark
and HRH Princess Mary of Denmark
in the presence of
The Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore MP
to celebrate the bicentenary
of Hans Christian Andersens's birth.


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