Here And Beyond

Here and Beyond sculpture, Bucharest, public art, Dorina Horatau

Public Art : Here and Beyond sculpture

Also Known As : The Red Hedge

Artist: © Dorina Horatau


Date Unveiled: The Here and Beyond sculpture was on public display from April 19th and October 31st , 2012.



Dorina Horatau - Here and beyond

The aerated and loose structure of the red network accounts for the nation of a soft wall, a thin barrier, a possible individual truth, an individual design of reality that each of us perceives on a daily basis. The spread-out paths may be perceived , especially in this urban space, as a sign of a short break we allow ourselves in the daily hustle and bustle, when just for a moment , we recall the map of reached destinations and of those, which are about to become personal history they may appear as an aggressive visual signal, a thin barrier, which hides/reveals the daily reality.
This is an individual sign, belonging to a person caught between two realities; the excitement of the city and the calmness of nature, the architectural geometry of the utiltarian, consumersit space and the environmental order of withdrawl, summoned by a public garden. The maze created by the continuous strand of textile material, going up and down, suddenly stopped or unexpectedly changing direction, moulds the urban reality and evokes, from a formally aesthetic perspective, Duchamp's Mile of String (perceived as a screen, blocking the sight and the space). It's own vocation, however, is to become an insulation screen, an open space portico, a place to find and experience intimacy, while being part of a community.

Background to exhibition : Expanded manifestation space (Space Expander) on "Individual and Mass", was held in Bucharest between April 19 and October 31 , 2012 (opening works took place on September 6th) and  organized by Judit and Michael Balko. The sculptures were located at six different locations.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Simon Akkerman and Doreena Nita for kindly providing the photos.

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