Heroes of South Dobrogea Monument

Monument for Heroes of South Dobrogea, Mangalia, public art

Public Art : Heroes of South Dobrogea Monument

Sculptor: © Doru Nuta

Description: The artist Doru Nuta has a personal connection to this work.  Nuta was as a young soldier involved in the revolution in Romania. "Captured in fear and coldness one stood up in hope, inadequate shoes, cloths and arms. Arms and legs are bursting out of stone, trying to reach freedom from sadness, pain and desperation - symbolized by the heavy weight of a rock. The exhaustion and calmness that lie within this monument consolidate this artwork at the interface of a painful past and vulnerable future."

Date Unveiled: 1998


Acknowledgements: Thank you to Simon Akkerman and Doreena Nita for kindly providing the photos.

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