Hong Kong Cenotaph

Hong Kong Cenotaph, public art, war memorial

Public Art: Hong Kong Cenotaph

Designed by: Sir Edwin Lutyens

Description: The Hong Kong Cenotaph is a replica of the British Cenotaph in Whitehall, London. The Cenotaph measures 15ft 6" wide and 35ft high. It was built on a large granite platform which include six steps leading to the base. The Cenotaph was said to have been placed on "the colony's finest site."

Date Unveiled: The Hong Kong Centotaph was unveiled on May 24, 1923 (Empire Day) by the Governor Sir Reginald Edward Stubbs.

Location: The Centotaph was originally erected near the waterfront but was later moved to its present position, between Statue Square and the City Hall facing the then Hong Kong Club Building in Central Hong Kong. 


"May their martyred souls be immortal, and their noble spirits endure"

Hong Kong Cenotaph, war memorial, public art


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