Illa Kuri

Sacred Dreaming Path

Illa Kuri, Sacred Dreaming Path, East Perth, Public Art

Public Art : Illa Kuri

Artist : © Toogarr Morrison

Description : The twelve granite stones mark the winding path which linked the chain of lakes and wetlands used by the local indigenous Bibbullmun Nation before the city was built.

Date Unveiled: Unknown

Location : The Illa Kuri sacred dreaming path can be found on the banks of the Swan River at Victoria Gardens in East Perth, Western Australia. The whole area along the riverbank at Victoria Gardens has now been renamed Ngango Batta's Mooditcher, which means 'Sunshine's Living Strength' a place of hope and strength for Aboriginal people.

Inscription :

Illa Kuri
Sacred Dreaming Path

This sacred path representing the
Illa Kuri journey is where initiates
walked through the Claisebrook
valley on the way to their homes.
The path leads from one freshwater
lake to another.These are
represented by the twelve granite
rocks that stand as silent sentries.

The names of the tribes and totems
are there to guide you through the
sacred Illa Kuri dreaming and the
sacred totem emblems which gave
the indigenous people their identity.
The sacred dreaming path is never


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