Indecent Little Man

Indecent Little Man, Anton Pilgram, Brno, Czech Republic

Public Art : Indecent Little Man

Also Known as : "Neslusny muzicek", Nasty Little Angel, Obscene Little Man

Sculptor: © Unknown stonemason

Description: A little stone carving of a man baring his naked butt. The two heads were not part of the original carving but were added in 1937.

Date: c. 15th Century

Location: The bare butt man can be seen on the south side high up on a Gothic arch of Church of St. James, Jakubske Square, Brno, Czech Republic.

Background: A tale of two churches. Just as Antonin Pilgram left his mark on the city hall of Brno, so too did a disgruntled stone mason on the church of St James. If you look high above the gothic arch on the south side of the church you will see a little carved man flashing his butt. As the story goes, the richer lords on Petrov Hill and the poorer burghers down in the city had always been rivals. So when they both decided to build a place of worship the competition was on to see who could build the better structure.

The people in the city managed to entice a master builder who had worked on the construction of Strasbourg Cathedral to build St James's church. The builder was fast, efficient and very popular among the burghes. However up on Petrov Hill construction of the Cathedral of St Peter and paul was slow and as a result they had became the butt of jokes (pun intended). The Petrov lords were non too please and somehow managed to expel the popular builder from the city but before he left he requested he be allowed to finish the work he was doing on the Gothic arch window.

When his work was finished he packed up his tools and left, leaving behind a little thank you for the men on the hill. The bare butt cheeks face directly towards the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul.

Acknowledgements: A special thank you to Silvie Bee for kindly providing the photographs.

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