James A. Garfield Monument

James Garfield statue, Washington DC, public art

Public Art: James A. Garfield Monument

Sculptor: © John Quincy Adams Ward (June 29th, 1830 – May 1st, 1910)

Pedestal designed : © Richard Morris Hunt (October 31, 1827 – July 31, 1895)

Description: The bronze and marble memorial is in honor of the 20th President of the United States, James A. Garfield, who was assasinated after serving only four months of his term. A standing Garfield is depicted delivering an address, with a manuscript held in his left and his right hand resting on a column.The three figures on the pedestal below the statue represent the three phases of Garfield’s short life; the student holding a globe, the soldier holding a sword and trumpet, and statesman holding a scale of justice.



James A. Garfield, 1831-1881
Major General U.S.V., Member of Congress, Senator and President of the United States of America
Erected by his comrades of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland, May 12, 1887

Cast by : The Henry-Bonnard Co. of New York

Commissioned by : The Society of the Army of the Cumberland (of which Garfield had been a member) in 1884 .

Funded By: The money was raised in part from the Garfield Monument Fair in 1882. Congress gave the Society $7500 in funds from the sale of condemned cannons.  In 1884 a further $30,000 was given for the pedestal.

Cost : $65,000

Date unveiled: May 12th, 1887

Location: President Garfield statue can be found on 1st and Maryland Street, S.W., on the western side of the Capitol next to Ulysses S Grant Memorial, Washington DC, USA.

Trivia: Garfield was the second of four United States Presidents who were assassinated.

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