James White

Sculptor : White, James (2nd December 1861 – 14th July 1918)

Background : James White was born in Liverpool, England, eventually sailing to Sydney, Australia, in 1884

Notes of Interest : While an apprentice in England, White made anatomical models for hospitals in London. In Australia, White worked for Achille Simonetti on the monument to Governor Arthur Phillip and was one of the sculptors for the Land Department building. White won the Wynne prize for the group "In Defence of the Flag".

List of works by James White

Statues on the Lands Department Building (Sydney, Australia)

Monument to Governor Arthur Phillip (Sydney, Australia)

In Defence of the Flag (Sydney, 1902)

Queen Victoria Monument (Melbourne, 1907)

Fitzgibbon statue (Melbourne)

George Bass statue (Sydney)

Daniel Henry Deniehy statue

Sir John Robertson statue

William Bede Dalley (Sydney)

John McDouall Stuart statue (Adelaide)

Queen Victoria statue (Bendigo)

George Lansell (Bendigo)


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