Jimmy Carter Statue

Jimmy Carter Statue, Atlanta, Georgia

Public Art : Jimmy Carter Statue (aka James Earl Carter Presidential Statue)

Sculptor : © Frederick Hart (1943-1999)

Date Unveiled : Dedicated in 1994

Description : A bronze statue of the 39th President of the United States of America, James Earl Carter (commonly referred to as Jimmy Carter). The president is depicted wearing khakis and a shirt with rolled up sleeves. The belt buckle has a fish on it (looks like a trout gulping for air) and some have likened his pose to being "Jesus" like (I think it is the arms outstretched, showing his palms, that does it).

Location : On the grounds of the Georgia State Capitol, located near the building to the left of the west front, Atlanta, Georgia.


History of the Jimmy Carter Statue : The sculptor, Fredrick Hart, was quoted as saying "I sculpted former President Carter in an informal pose, dressed in khakis with his sleeves rolled up to capture his unpretentious and humanitarian spirit".


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