Jose de San Martin Monument

Jose de San Martin Monument, public art,

Public Art : Jose de San Martin Monument

Also Known As : Monumento a José de San Martín

Sculptor : © Mariano Benllure (September 8th,1862 - November 9th, 1947)

Description : 14.6 feet (16m) high granite and bronze monument to General Don José de San Martín (February 25th, 1778 - August 17th, 1850) hero the Spanish American Wars of Independence. The colossal bronze equestrian statue depicts the General crossing the Andes on his Arab steed.

Date Unveiled : It was inaugurated on 27th July, 1921.

Location : Monument to Jose de San Martin is located in the Plaza de San Martín in Lima, Peru.

Inscriptions :

Peru is from this moment free and
independent will of the people and by the righteousness of the cause that God defends. July MDCCCXXI XXVII.

Soldiers, This is the first flag
was blessed in America. Swear sostenedla dying in his defense I swear.

Background : The monument to Jose de San Martin was erected in commemoration of the centenary of the Independence of the Peruvian nation.

The then President of Peru, president Agusto B. Leguía, was keen to celebrate the important event by commissioning a series of scultures for the parks and streets for around the city. In particular the building of the memorial to San Martin was "paying a gratitude debt to the Argentinian Liberator". Plans began in 1906 which Started with an the international contest to find a sculptor. The winner was Mariano Benllure who at the time was the director of the "Academia Española en Roma", the Spanish Academy in Rome.

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